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Document Batch Audit

Document Batch Audit

Document Batch Audit from Verbella resolves one of the biggest complaints from SAP Customers using ArchiveLink to store their documents.  That is the limitation from SAP to retrieved, view and print only 1 ArchiveLink document at a time.  This makes Audits and issues resolutions very time consuming.

Verbella’s Document Batch Audit is a time-saving solution that automates mass printing and downloading of multiple images and supporting documentation stored within an SAP-linked content repository.   Users will enjoy a very user friendly selection screen that will allow the users to display only those documents that they are interested in viewing.  From there the users had the option to either Batch print all the selected documents or to download those document to a secure work area.  The Document Batch Audit soluton is available out of the box for both FI and HR documents and are sold  separately.

The FI Document Batch Audit also comes with the Document Imaging Audit tool that will allow users to identifiy SAP Financial Transactions that are missing stored / linked document images

Document Batch Audit

“The Verbella Document Batch Audit saves us thousands of dollars in payroll
auditing. We used to dedicate a full time A/P resource on a monthly basis to
assist the auditors. Our resource had to retrieve the documents and then print
them one at a time. We are talking about hundreds if not thousands of documents at a time.

Now we give the auditors secure access to the Verbella Document Batch Audit
Solution and they can quickly print or download the documents themselves.”

Accounts Payable Manager –
Distribution Company

Document Batch Audit

The FI Document Batch Audit provides the benefits and features:

  • Automates mass printing and downloading of FI and HR Documents
  • Reduces internal and external audit time from weeks to minutes
  • Expands search capability based on extensive search criteria
  • Allows non-SAP users access to core documents and data
  • Saves time in responding to auditing and legal requests for documentation
  • Conserves paper and toner with mass download functionality
  • Can be used by multiple users in multiple locations
  • Can be used on any ArchiveLink Certified Content Repository
Document Batch Audit
Document Batch Audit
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