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HR Document Control Center

HR Document Control Center for SAP – Verbella

The Verbella HR Document Control Center was developed in response to our customers growing HR document compliance and audit demands. They required the ability to quickly and effortlessly capture and manage electronic employee records for applicants, employees and retirees.  This is especially hard to do when working with applicants and inherited retirees  (in the case of an acquisition) documents, where the personnel number typically does not exists.  The HR Document Control Center allows HR departments the ability to track these documents by a users Social Security Number or Name and Date of Birth, and optionally convert these documents to employee records if the applicant becomes an employee.

What’s the Bottom-line? The Verbella HR Document Control Center allows HR departments to easily capture, track, process and manage electronic employee documents throughout their lifecycle.

Some of the most sought after HR Document Control Center features, missing from standard SAP,

  • Is the ability to upload files to the employee record and/or info-type directly.
  • Mass Printing of documents for audit and compliance purposes.  Authorized users can mass print or download all the selected records as needed, instead of one at a time as with standard SAP.
  • Utilizing your existing SAP security, users have instant access to the employee master (PA30) if authorized.
HR Document Control Center
HR Document Control Center

Record Create – Document Control Center


Verbella HR Document Control Center


  • Automates mass printing and downloading
  • Upload any type of file directly to the Employee/Info-Type
  • Track and Manage Applicants and Retirees without needing to create a Employee Record
  • Store Documents and Files Securely in a ArchiveLink Certified repository
  • Quickly Change document types and re-assign documents to the proper Employee
  • Fast Entry of barcodes to support late archiving with Barcode
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