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Ariba Open ICS Connector - ABBYY & Kofax

Ariba Open ICS Connector –  ABBYY & Kofax

Verbella has developed the V-Link Ariba Open ICS Connector – ABBYY & Kofax, to allow AP Departments to easily handle the non-Network invoices.  Companies that incorporate the Ariba Network for their Electronic Invoicing requirements are quite often unable to convince all of their suppliers to enroll in the Ariba Network. In order to accommodate these infrequent suppliers, Ariba created the Open ICS interface to allow either an outside service provider or the companies AP Department to process the invoices from non-Network suppliers.

The connector includes SAP ABAP programs to bring in Vendor Master Data and PO Line Item Data to easily validate the incoming invoices without having to do manual lookups. The Solution will also perform two or three-way matching, so the invoice is ready to post once it has been sent to Ariba. Also depending upon the configuration, Duplicate checks can be run against the incoming invoices to avoid redundancy in Ariba.

By utilizing our V-Link SAP Connector – ABBYY & Kofax in tandem with the Ariba Connector information can also be simultaneously stored via the ArchiveLink protocol in SAP.  Allowing for long term archival storage and easy retrieval while working in native SAP.

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The V-Link Connector for Ariba Open ICS was developed as a result of a number of our customers needing a way to handle invoices from their vendors that were not part of the Ariba network.  The connector allows customers using Kofax, ABBYY or ReadSoft Online to release into Ariba.

Kevin Shaw

Vice President of Sales, Verbella CMG, LLC

Ariba Connector - ABBYY & Kofax

Invoice Processing using Open ICS from Ariba

The invoices can be received as paper, email, fax or in electronic format.  Once received, a capture solution such as ABBYY, Kofax or ReadSoft Online, will run OCR against the invoices to extract the necessary data to allow them to be processed by the Ariba Network.  The software is designed and configured to accurately read the invoice and if all information is successfully gathered push the data and the image of the invoice into Ariba. Any invoices containing data that cannot be automatically confirmed by the software are queued up to be reviewed and validated, in a matter of seconds, by an AP processor.

Ariba Connector - ABBYY & Kofax