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SAP Document Services in San Diego, CA

Verbella CMG, LLC provides SAP Document Management Solutions for SAP users in the San Diego area. Verbella specializes in SAP® Document Management Solutions, which utilize the SAP Content Server or other third-party document repositories, such as OpenText®, IBM®, FileNet®, M-Files® and SharePoint®. These solutions allow companies to have instant access to this content and streamline the business process while retaining the content securely.

Verbella has developed a number of products around SAP Document Management, including: The Verbella Export Connector for Kofax (integrating Kofax with SAP), The V-Link Connector (enabling Document and metadata storage on SharePoint linked to SAP), The Verbella Migration Toolset (easily migrate from one SAP® repository to another), and the Verbella ITC – (Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Invoice processing).

We offer a wide variety of Solutions for SAP users in San Diego, including: Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation, Travel and Expense Automation, Logistics and Claims Processing. These Solutions are designed to maximize your SAP business processes and ROI.

Our experience goes traditional document Capture, as a Platinum Kofax Partner, Verbella is the largest reseller of Kofax Software to companies that use SAP. With the use of Kofax KTM for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Verbella can easily Automate any manually intensive process involving data and/or documents.

Verbella CMG offers turnkey solutions by providing Scanner hardware from such vendors as Fujitsu, and Kodak.

Kofax, OpenText, SAP Document Management Solutions in San Diego, California

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