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SAP HR Employee Records

SAP HR Employee Records

So, you’re working with SAP HR Employee Records and you need a way to manage them. However, your paper based employee files on all past and present employees create a management and compliance nightmare. The time it takes to find, retrieve and copy important documents can become a huge liability, especially in today’s strict regulatory and compliance oriented environment. Misfiled or lost documents are no longer just an inconvenience, but can become a major liability.

Verbella offers a wide range of Solutions and Services to allow you to gain control over your critical documents. These range from a simple project allowing users to manually upload document to the comprehensive Verbella HR Document Control Center.

HR Document Control Center

The Verbella HR Document Control Center allows HR departments to easily capture, track, process and manage electronic employee documents. The Verbella HR Document Control Center was developed in response to our customers growing HR Document compliance and audit demands.

The Control Center allow users to by-pass time consuming and tedious process and in some cases bridges the gap in missing functionality.  HR processors can scan and keep track of HR documents even if a Employee ID doesn’t exist. They can upload electronic documents, perform searches for documents across time periods and multiple employees, perform document audits.
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SAP HR Employee Records

HR Document Control Center

HR Back File Conversions

Verbella has developed a solution that allow companies to rapidly convert old paper based employee files into electronic documents that can be linked directly to the Personnel Record or Personnel Record Info-type.

This solution deploys quickly and uses pre-configured separator sheets that not only splits out the different documents, but will also determine the document type. With the use of OCR, the solution can also determine the Personnel Number and update the Employee Master with data.

This solution any SAP ArchiveLink Certified Storage repository.
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Document Batch Audit for HR

This time-saving solution from Verbella automates the mass printing and/or downloading of multiple documents based on a user specified selection criteria.  A Index HTML file is generated with all downloads and acts as Table of Conents.

HR Document Download

Easily print out a single employee folder in its entirety, or print selected documents from all your employees.  Perform instant audits to determine which employee records are missing what documents.

This a perfect solution for audits, compliance, legal requests, and divestitures.

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