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Verbella Software Maintenance and Support

Verbella Software

Maintenance and Support Services Terms and Conditions

Verbella provides Software Maintenance and Support for all of it’s developed products provided that an active support contract is in place.  Verbella provides services and product updates that assist you in realizing the full value of your Verbella Software products. Full Terms and Conditions can be found HERE.

Information on Kofax life-cycle polices and End of Support / End of life Dates can be found HERE


Operational Commitments

Verbella Technical Support prioritizes its Caseload based on the Case Priority set by the Customer and validated by Verbella Technical Support. The priorities and the Initial Response Times are defined in this table.

Initial response time:

Critical production problem – 4 business hours
Normal production minor, (how-to, or usage questions) – 8 business hours
Normal non-production – 16 business hours 

Verbella Software Maintenance and Support

Initial response time represents the maximum time it takes a Verbella Technical Support Analyst to acknowledge receipt of a Customer’s reported Case and begin diagnosis. The assigned Support Analyst works the case jointly, with the Customer, to identify an acceptable workaround or resolution of the issue. If the resolution of the Case requires escalation to another Technical Support Analyst, the Technical Support Analyst handling the Case gathers all required information and assigns the Case to the appropriate resource. A Customer can escalate a Case at any time, whenever the Customer thinks the Case needs additional attention.


Software Support does not cover: (i) modifications made to the standard Software application by the Customer or third parties (including Verbella Professional Services), (ii) applications developed by the Customer or third parties, products, services or functionality not provided by Verbella, (iii) onsite support services at the physical location of the Error, (iv) products for which the Customer has not maintained current certifications, (v) systems engineering services, programming and operations procedures of any sort, (vi) the use of an operating system or any software or hardware or networking systems not certified by Verbella, (vii) use of the Programs in a manner for which they were not designed.