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SAP Document Imaging Solutions

SAP Document Imaging Solutions

Your SAP system is a powerful management tool; however, it is still necessary to keep and maintain paper documents. This is why Verbella provides SAP Document Imaging Solutions. Maintaining paper documents  creates a filing and retrieval challenge as the paper documents are not tied in any way to the context of the business transaction in SAP. Managing paper storage is cost, time and resource intensive. Costs that come into play include physical storage cabinets, rent or lease fees on the storage space and resource costs to file and retrieve the documents. Time to find and retrieve important documents can become a huge liability, especially in today’s strict regulatory and compliance environment. Misfiled or lost documents are no longer just an inconvenience.


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What does Verbella offer in the way of SAP Document Imaging Solutions?

Verbella uses SAP standard ArchiveLink™ interface to link electronic document or scanned images directly to the applicable transaction. With our expertise, your documents can be efficiently and securely stored, retrieved and viewed directly from within the context of the business transaction inside of SAP.

For example, using the SAP GUI and clicking on the GOS button from within the Accounting document.

The end-user will presented with an electronic image of the invoice received from the vendor.  Any business object can be configured to enable viewing of electronic document from within SAP such as; sales orders, customer invoices and correspondence, shipping and receiving documents, Vendor Master documents, and human resources files.