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West Chester, Pa: The President and CEO of Verbella, John Walls, announced today that Verbella has been awarded Platinum reseller status by Kofax for FY 2018 once again. That makes 8 out of the last 9 years. In addition, Verbella was awarded Kofax Preferred Service Provider status by Kofax for SAP Service Integration and ReadSoft Consulting. This designation assures Kofax and their partners that Verbella has the training, skilled resources, and expertise to successfully develop and deploy successfully Kofax solutions on their behalf. In addition, Kofax has reduced the number of Kofax resellers in the US from 800 down to 100. Of the remaining 100 only 30 have been designated as key partners that Kofax will go to market with. Verbella is one of those 30 top Kofax partners in North America.

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