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Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture – Sold, Installed and Configured by Verbella

A Document Capture Platform for the Enterprise

Kofax Capture is the only platform that organizations need to securely collect and process documents across the Enterprise, from almost any source in any location in just about any format.  Kofax Capture OCR technology will allow for forms processing, form identification and separation and Data Extraction.  It allows organizations to quickly, capture information accurately, consistently, and securely from electronic files such as emails and PDF’s or from paper documents.  This information can reside centrally or in remote field offices scatter around the world and can be transformed or exported to the line of business for use in application, workflows, repositories or Databases.

Kofax for Analytics, gives the Enterprise viability into the capture process, allowing it to continually manage and administer the process.

Verbella’s V-Link Connectors for SAP and Ariba make Kofax Capture a logical choice for large Enterprises running ERP systems.

Kofax Capture will provide 100% transparency, insight and control over the Enterprises Documents and Data,



Companies choose Kofax Capture because of the maturity of the product by a market leader and it offers a quick and very cost effective Document Management Solution.  One that can scale across the organization and grow with it.  Kofax Capture doesn’t limit an organization, it allows it grow and expand.  It is the foundation and includes tight integration with Mobility, RPA and Kofax KTM – Cognitive Document Process using Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence.
John Walls

President, Verbella CMG, LLC

Kofax Capture

BENEFITS – How can Kofax Capture, Help You.

Kofax Capture

Documents and Data

Scanners, Multi-Functional copiers, Print streams, e-Mail, Fax, web service or file system, just to a name a few, ways information can be ingested.  Regardless of the source, Kofax provides production level scanning and data indexing from structured, semi-structure and unstructured documents.  These documents can contain data in such forms as barcodes, hand and / or Machine print and page marks like check boxes or circles.


Return on Investment ? Typically Months 

Automating content capture and distribution not only puts content at your workers’ fingertips and improves your interactions with customers, but it also creates operational efficiencies that typically result in an ROI within 12 months with our solution.

Image Enhancement

Kofax Capture comes with Kofax VRS® Technology embedded in the product solutions.  VRS is the industry leader when it comes to image clean up processing, it intelligently cleans, rotates, crops, and deskews documents before data classification and extraction.  VRS increases OCR accuracy rates by more then third, reduces document prep time and creates a perfect pages every time.

FEATURES – What sets Kofax apart from the competition

Scalability and Cognitive Document Automation

Kofax Capture is the foundation on which a number of system upgrades can be made including Cognitive Document Automation using Machine Learning and AI.  Kofax Transformation Modules sit on top and allow for Automatic Document Classification and Separation, Data Extraction. This speeds up document processing, reduces errors, increases accuracy of data to back end systems.  Kofax RPA and Mobility modules can also be integrated, vaulting your highly robust Document Capture system into a high value and complex capture-to-process Enterprise System.

Kofax Capture

Integration to Line of Business Applications

Over 140 connectors to all kinds of business applications, and workflow solutions such as ECM, ERP, BPM and other workflow solutions.  Kofax Standard “Out of the Box” Export Connectors included connections to IBM®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, OpenText®, Hyland®, Pega® and many others. The Out of the box solution also includes exports to any ODBC – Compatible Database or to a delimited ASCII file, email, or SharePoint system.

No Custom Scripting

Out of the Box, almost all your needs for Document Processing can be meet via simple configuration, without the need for complex scripting.  The Solution is designed to support business processes such as automated Document Separation, Classification, and Forms Extraction.  If for some reason, these out of the box features do not meet your organizations needs, Kofax Capture can be scripted to do just about anything, ensuring that your business process can be streamedlined and automated.

Flexible API and Custom Modules

The Export Module found in Kofax Capture allows organizations the ability to creat their own export scripts.  Sometime organizations have very specific business challenges, such as unique export destinations, and/ or export rules,  that are not fulfilled with the standard export connectors provided by Kofax or by other third party vendors.  A custom script might be the solution.  For Example Verbella has created the V-Link Connector for SAP and Ariba, certified by SAP, simple because there was need for it.  Now we are the leader in Kofax Integration for SAP and Ariba.

Enterprise Edition

Kofax Capture comes in 2 flavors, Standard and Enterprise.  Kofax Enterprise Edition extend capture throughout the enterprise with Terminal Services and Citrix® server technology, and leverage enterprise-class database management systems such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Oracle Database.

Enterprise Edition also comes with a 2nd license that can be used for High Availabilty or as a Development license and Multiple Instance Support increasing document processing throughput,

More Channels for Capture – e-Mail and Mobile

Global smartphone penetration is expected to surpass 90% by 2020, so there is the potential to have document scanners everywhere.  Why not have the end user, wheather it a customer or a vendor initate the Business process.  Kofax Mobile platform integrates seamlessly into Kofax Capture.  With Patented image processing and on-device OCR technologies automatically capture, extract, and validate content from paper documents, eliminate the need to enter information manually.   The result is a document images as if it was created via a document scanner.

A great majority of documents are in already in electronic form, so why print them out only to start the document process again? Today’s organizations are making a great effort to reduce waste, and save costs by not printing and wasting paper, and toner.  With Kofax Capture, this isn’t a problem, Kofax Capture will ingest emails along with their attachments as well as files from a file system.