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Kofax Analytics

Kofax Analytics for Capture

Gain Deep Insight and Visibility into Critical Document Processing Tasks and Related Workflow

Data-driven decision making is critical to your digital transformation efforts. To solve the right problems, you need a complete understanding of how your business operations are performing in real-time and over the long term. This includes the often hard-to-achieve visibility into your high-volume data capture processes.

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Pre-Configured Reports for Ease of Installation

Plug and play, Kofax Analytics for Capture is delivered with pre-configured reports to handle the most requested requirements.

Kofax Analytics OCR Kofax Capture
Kofax Analytics Kofax Capture OCR
Instantly Respond to Actionable Analytics

Gain the transparency and control required to observe, adapt and act in a meaningful way to operational patterns across the enterprise using actionable real-world data. You’ll have an immediate view of the effectiveness of your enterprise’s systems of engagement, employee productivity and the quality of information entering your critical systems of record.


Enable Compliance with Effortless Reporting 

Leverage real data and easy to read reports to demonstrate how, when and where document processing workflows are compliant. You’ll also identify workflow and compliance exceptions at the earliest point and save time and resources identifying the source for rapid remediation, risk avoidance, and mitigation.


Kofax Analytics Kofax Capture OCR Dashboard
Access Productivity Metrics Straightaway

Stop guessing or doubting your data. Analytics for Capture offers near real-time cost metrics and productivity reporting for quantification of your data capture solution’s return on investment right at your fingertips.

Kofax Insight Analytics

Achieve Operational Excellence with True Process Intelligence and Business Analytics

Research shows the most profitable companies use real-time analytics or extreme collaboration for successful business process management. How are your processes working, end-to-end and system-to-system? With information scattered across internal databases, websites, business applications and legacy systems and complex and often undocumented processes spread across multiple systems, it may seem impossible to know.

Kofax Analytics
Robust Analytics Tool Set for Kofax and Your Other Business Systems

Kofax Insight Analytics is a suite of tools that allow you to configure custom reporting not only for Kofax applications but your other business systems as well.

Unparalleled Business Process Awareness

Process intelligence – the analysis of data in the context of a business process – is the next evolutionary step in business intelligence. With Kofax Insight you’ll compare, group and focus your analysis on how your organization is executing business processes. Understand the behavior that drives how your customers, clients, and users engage with your processes and how those patterns of execution impact your bottom line.

Powerful Performance Analysis Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone

Accessible to the line of business users across any device or environment, anyone in your organization can quickly see their information tailored to their needs to analyze and optimize business operations. Thanks to a single-platform approach, there’s no need to wait for IT to build a data warehouse, data mart or proprietary data model – you’ll be able to analyze your business on your schedule.


Unique Visibility for Improved Decision Making

Kofax Insight provides visualizations and analyses of all processes and business information through an intuitive graphical interface that empowers you to make fast, fact-based decisions. Identify problems, take action and make impactful analytics-based resolutions before process issues affect your customers.  More Information on Kofax Analytics for Capture can be found on the Kofax website (Click Here)