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SAP Content Migration Toolset

SAP Content Migration Toolset

SAP Content Migration Toolset

The Verbella SAP Content Migration Toolset – is a collection of SAP programs that can be run from within a single Transaction in SAP.  The Verbella Migration Solution allows companies to safely and efficiently move data from one Content Server to another.

The Migration Toolset can be used to migrate content between two ArchiveLink Content Servers or to a File Share. The tool set can also be used in conjunction with your Data Archiving project to move documents stored via K-Pro in the SAP DB to a secured ArchiveLink Certified repository.

The following Content can be migrated:

  • Documents (Scanned Incoming and Outgoing)
  • Data Archiving Files (ADK)
  • Printlists
  • K-Pro documents stored in the SAP DB


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SAP Content Migration Toolset Details

The Content Migration Toolset is provided to the customer via a single transport, along with documentation. The Verbella Migration Toolset, will maintain 2 set of links, one to the original document and 1 to the copied document, it’s only after the migration has been completed will the original link be deleted and then the Legacy ArchiveLink Server can finally be sunset.

The Content Migration toolset contains the following features and functionality:

  • Ability to perform analysis of stored content, in terms of the number of documents, document types, distribution & Content Servers
  • Migration of Content between ArchiveLink certified servers
  • Conversion of proprietary documents to PDF document file types
  • Extraction of documents stored in the SAP DB to a ArchiveLink Certified Solution
  • Reset the Storage Indicator for Data Archiving Files that have already been stored
  • Post migration clean up programs and reporting

Verbella Content Migration Toolset – Scenarios

The Verbella Migration Toolset was developed because of the demand created by customers wanting to migrate from traditional ArchiveLink solutions such as OpenText to newer solutions such as the SAP Content Server, PBS-PCL or SharePoint. Demand also came from customers that were merging, divesting or acquiring SAP companies that wanted to decommission redundant SAP or content management solutions.
Customer can perform the content migrations in house or they can reach out to Verbella Professional Services, to perform the migration services either remotely or onsite. More information about Verbella Content Migration Services can be found Here