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OpenText Services

OpenText Services

Verbella has been providing OpenText, Gauss and IXOS Services work for over 10 years. Some of our Consultants, who started their careers at OpenText have over 17 years of OpenText, IXOS and Gauss product experience. Sure there are other consulting companies out there that have OpenText experience, but non other then Verbella have the history and experience with the OpenText legacy products from Software companies such as IXOS and Gauss.

Verbella’s experienced consultants have the ability to provide expert consulting services for any project regardless of the IXOS / OpenText solution. In addition, our Gauss team can offer Support, Upgrades and Migrations for VIP, DocView, Spyvision and all other Gauss modules.

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Current OpenText Service Offerings


Livlink ECM Platform Architecture

The following are a list of OpenText Service offerings currently being provided Verbella’s consultants. Those solutions areas marked as “Focus” indicate an area where Verbella’s Consultants experience and knowledge far out paces our competition.

  • VIM- SAP Invoice Management by OpenText (Focus)
  • Document Access/ Doculink (Focus)
  • Document Archiving (Focus)
  • Data Archiving (Focus)
  • OpenText ICC (Focus)
  • OpenText /IXOS Client and Archive Server Installation and Upgrades (Focus)
  • OpenText/IXOS Administration and Support (Focus)
  • OpenText Email Archiving
  • Extended ECM for SAP

IXOS and Gauss Services

Are you still running an IXOS or Gauss solution, and need to upgrade? Out of support? let us know. There are other alternatives other then throwing out the current solution and re-purchasing and re-implementing a costly brand new solution.

Here are just some off the IXOS and Gauss Services being offered:

  • IXOS Incoming Invoice Ledger (IIL)
  • IXOS Doculink
  • IXOS Archive Server Upgrades (to OpenText)
  • IXOS Archive Server Migrations (to another Content Server Provider)
  • IXOS Batch Print Server
  • Gauss / VIP Administration
  • Gauss / VIP Upgrades
  • Gauss / VIP Content Migrations