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SAP Content Migration Services


SAP Content Migration Services

Over the last 10 years, Verbella has been providing SAP Content Migrations Services between all SAP Content Servers providers. By using the ArchiveLink interface, Verbella’s SAP Content Migration Services team can migrate documents and data between any third-party Content server provider.

The following content can be migrated:

  • Documents (Scanned Incoming and Outgoing)
  • Data Archiving Files (ADK)
  • Printlists
  • K-Pro documents stored in the SAP DB
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Digital Document Management ServicesSAP Content Migration Services

During a migration project, Verbella’s consulting team will make use of the
Verbella Migration Toolset to assist them with the upfront analysis and migration.

A typical SAP Content Migration Services engagement will:

  • Perform a detailed analysis of the content
    to be migrated
  • Ensure proper configuration is in place
  • Run system stress testing and analysis
  • Perform the migration, track results
    and reporting
  • Post-migration cleanup and analysis

Why Do Customers Consider Migrating Content Servers?

Customer may have any number of reasons why they want to Migrate from one solution to another. But they all typically have one thing in common, and that is there could be a significant cost savings in doing so. Here are some of the reasons that we have seen based on our experience;

  • Consolidation – Whether it was from mergers or acquisitions, or different departments operating in a silo, having several Content Server Solutions is just costly. Between software maintenance costs, hardware costs, and personnel costs, it’s just plain expensive.
  • Support – Support from the vendor is not of a consistently high quality, or the SLA that is in place is just not worth the yearly maintenance costs.
  • Features and Functionality – Either the features and functionality that you are looking for are lacking or you just don’t need all the bells and whistles to justify the software yearly maintenance costs.
  • SAP Content Server – If the yearly software maintenance costs are just too big for your operating budget, the free cost of the SAP Content Server just may be enough incentive to migrate. Click here for more info on the SAP Content Server.