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SAP Data Archiving Services

SAP Data Archiving Services

SAP Data Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management

Our SAP Data Archiving Services include Data Archiving, Data avoidance, Nearline Storage (NLS), Legacy Decommissioning, DaRT, and PBS Archiving solutions.

All of our consultants have over 10+ years of Data Archiving experience utilizing a proven methodology. This translates into more efficient projects for our customers to quickly realize their ROI.

What are the Benefits of Data Archiving? Availability
By reducing database size, you reduce system back-up and refresh times and in turn lower administrative costs. Faster refresh times also ensures a better recovery time should the production environment ever be compromised.

Increased Performance and Response
A larger database has more transactions to process through, adding additional workload to CPUs and memory. Archiving transactional data reduces the workload and decreases overall system response time.

Reduced Hardware Costs.
An implemented archiving strategy will moderate growth and reduce or eliminate costs for acquiring expensive storage and/or memory.

What is SAP Data Archiving

Data Archiving is a process any company can utilize to decelerate growth and reduce overall size of an SAP database. By removing “business complete data” that is no longer required by business for their daily processing, the database growth is controlled while ensure legal tax obligations are met.

Access to archived data is typically available through the Print-Lists (archived reports), archived outgoing documents, and in most cases access to the actual archived data is available through the SAP DRB and Archive Information System which may provide Single Document Access.

With the use of third-party PBS software, SAP end users can access archived data in the same manner as it was when still online. This access is transparent to the end users through the use of symbiont transactions codes.