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SAP Accounts Payable Solutions and Verbella


Custom Solutions for Maximum ROI

Verbella’s SAP Accounts Payable Solutions range from basic document storage to fully automated solutions for SAP Accounts Payable. Our expert consultants maximize our customers’ prior investments in SAP and their ArchiveLink Document Management Solutions, Verbella can offer our customers the greatest ROI possible. Each company has their own unique AP processes, so there is no “one size fits all” AP Solution. Verbella offers multiple AP Solutions, ranging from simple Data Extraction, to Solutions featuring automated routing for approval and auto-posting of invoices. Additionally, Verbella is now reselling the ReadSoft Process Director Suite for SAP.

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See how Verbella delivered an integrated SAP Accounts Payable Solution in less than 90 days for a now $20 Billion SAP Customer.

Verbella – SAP Accounts Payable Solutions

Verbella custom Automated Accounts Payable solutions typically include the following features and functionality

  • Document Capture and Storage via SAP’s ArchiveLink interface
  • OCR-Optical Character Recognition and Extraction
  • Verbella Invoice Tracking Center (Click Here) to register for the Datasheet
  • PO based Invoice Exception Handling
  • Non-PO based Invoice Approvals and Coding
  • Outlook Email Integration for Approvals
  • Incoming Vendor Invoice Email integration
  • Duplicate Invoice Checking
  • Mass Download of Stored Documents
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Vendor Portal / Dynamic Discounting

Accounts Payable automation Using Kofax Transformation Modules for OCR

Verbella CMG offers SAP Accounts Payable Solutions using Kofax Transformation Modules in conjunction with workflow, to optimize the SAP AP invoicing process. Kofax Transformation Modules advanced OCR capability allows companies to automatically classify documents and then use this same rules-based logic to extract key meta data such as PO Number, Invoice Number and Dates.

The OCR engine can also extract line item information such as Quantity, Amount and Item Description. After extraction the documents are Validated, where only those fields that did not exceed the configurable confidence level are presented to the end users to verify. It is now at the “Release” stage, where there are several options available.

The images and the corresponding data file can be released directly to the 3rd party content management system or to the network where they will be available for processing by SAP ABAP programs. Once the images and data have been released, there are several integration scenarios available.