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V-Link SAP SharePoint

V-Link SAP SharePoint

V-Link SAP SharePoint connector allows companies to leverage their investment in both SAP and SharePoint. The V-Link connector allows SAP to communicate to with SharePoint via the standard SAP ArchiveLink Interface just as if it was the SAP Content Server, or an OpenText Archive Server. In addition to storing documents V-Link also allows SAP, through a web service, to update the meta data for a stored document whenever a business event is raised for the corresponding document. For instance, Accounts Payable may attach an image to a Parked document in SAP, the meta data for that Parked document is then sent to SharePoint. Once the Parked document is posted any information that had been updated is also now sent, and updated within SharePoint.

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V-Link Functionality and Uses

V-Link SAP SharePoint is sold in 2 levels, “Base” and “Base + Metadata”. The Base license allows users to scan and upload document from SAP and have the images linked to the transaction inside of SAP. The “Base + Metadata” license allows users not only the ability to store documents but also to include meta data when the document is stored and then again if the document is ever updated.

V-Link SAP SharePoint

SAP Data in SharePoint

The full V-Link license is generally used for Vendor Invoices in Accounts Payable, especially when an A/P automated solution is being and the status of documents is constantly changing. It’s also commonly used with Master data in SAP, where meta data is dynamic.

V-Link SAP SharePoint Components

V-Link Small Redacted

V-Link is comprised of a Web based component and when used with the “Base + Metadata” license an SAP Transport is provided containing the necessary SAP Programs.

  • A HTTP Handler is used to act as middleware between SAP and SharePoint via the SAP ArchiveLink protocol. This component is used to store, update, delete and retrieve images in SharePoint.
  • The HTTP Handler can be installed anywhere, it doesn’t have to be installed on the SharePoint Server, making it ideal for Office 365 environments.
  • There is also an V-Link-Update Metadata Web Service, which is used to update the metadata stored in SharePoint. This requires the Verbella SAP transports to be installed and an active “Metadata” license. No other software is required.
  • SAP Security via signature is fully supported.