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Kofax Products

Verbella is a Premier Reseller of Kofax Products

Verbella has been one of Kofax’s top re-sellers in North America of Kofax products. Over the last 15 years, Verbella’s experience with SAP has allowed it to become the “Go-To” vendor for Kofax and SAP integrations. Verbella is certified and trained to work with all Kofax products however, our core focus has been on Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules.

The following Kofax Products are re-sold, installed and configured by Verbella:

  • Kofax Capture – Automatically captures images and data from both paper and electronic forms. It’s a powerful, proven and scalable production level capture platform designed for the enterprise, and can integrate into any application, process or workflow.
  • Kofax KTM – Integrated into Kofax Capture, it uses advance OCR Extraction technology to classify, separate and extract data from any document. Once extracted this data can be then be integrated into any ERP system such as SAP.
  • Kofax ReadSoft Online – Cloud-based Accounts Payable Solution incorporating over 20 years of experience in invoice processing.  Allows for the importing of Vendor Master data and PO Based Invoice line item data to streamline the posting of invoices.
  • Kofax RPA – Kofax’s fully functional suite for Robotic Process Automation incorporates the world leading cognitive capabilities of Kofax KTM to provide the most highly integrated solution on the market.  From web sites and portals to direct integration to your ERP or CRM systems, the Kofax RPA suite allows for rapid ROI without the need for programming.
  • Kofax VRS Elite –  Kofax patented image enhancement software, that automatically optimizes your scanners settings to deliver the highest quality image to the scanning application. VRS reduces the time involved in manually prepping documents for Scanning and increases data extraction results.
  • Kofax Mobile –  Turns smartphones and Tablets camera’s into a scanning device that can be used to capture documents, convert them into images where data can be extracted and validated right on the device itself. The images and the data can then be sent via Kofax Capture to any back end ERP system.
  • Kofax Front Office Server – Extends existing business processes to customer-facing employees through the use of multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), like Network scanners, or copier machines. This gives organizations the ability for remote or distributed capture, making the most use of their existing office equipment.
  • Kofax Total Agility – A Smart Process Application (SPA) that bridges the gap between ERP systems such as SAP and the system of customer engagement. Total Agility allows companies to improve responsiveness to customers, increase service levels and gain operational improvements through the better management of the business process.
Kofax Products
KTM Validation Module

KTM Validation Module

Handwriting Recognition

Kofax Products
Verbella has over 15 years of Kofax development and implementation experience.

Verbella implemented a fully automated Kofax OCR Solution using KTM for a 48 Billion SAP Customer in less than 90 Days.

Verbella implemented a fully automated Mailroom solution using KTM for Claim and has reduced processing time by 94%.