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Invoice Tracking Center

Invoice Tracking Center – Invoice Processing

The Invoice Tracking Center was developed by Verbella to meet a growing segment of the market place, looking for SAP Invoice Processing Automation. Over the past ten years most SAP customers have either implemented or explored implementing an Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Automation Solution. In many cases due to the costs of Software and Services, it was impossible to justify the length of time to achieve an acceptable ROI.

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Enter the Verbella Invoice Tracking Center, a reasonably priced product to solve the most common issues for users and managers of SAP Accounts Payable.

Invoice Tracking Center – Solution Overview

The Verbella Invoice Tracking Center when paired with an Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), provides a complete Invoice Processing Solution for Accounts Payable. Kofax KTM advanced technology is used to run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on incoming documents from either a scanner or a monitored email inbox. Once OCR has been preformed, the incoming doucments will be first classified, and then based on the classification specific information will be extracted from the Image, such as the Invoice Amount, Invoice Number, PO Number. This data will then be validated by a Processor in KTM Validation module and then released to the Verbella ITC that resides inside of SAP.

Once in the Verbella ITC, the document can be automatically parked or posted and exceptions handled efficiently by A/P knowledge workers.


Invoice Tracking Center – Features and Functionality

Invoice Tracking Center

Although Features and Functionality may differ between deployments based on customer’s specific requirements, all baseline ITC installation include;

  • Integration into Kofax Capture or any other OCR Software Package
  • Document Image Display via integration into any ArchiveLink Certified Content Repository, and SharPoint (V-Link Required)
  • Integration into Vendor Portals such as the Taulia Portal
  • Approvals via Email on/offline or Mobile Devices
  • PO based Invoice Exception Workflow
  • Automatic Posting or Parking of Invoices when applicable
  • Reporting and Tracking History of all Invoices “Who did what, When”
  • Mass Printing and Downloading of selected Images
  • Automatic and multi-level Vendor Invoice Duplicate Check
  • View the status of all Invoice at a glance
  • Processing Performance and Analytics


Invoice Tracking Center – Benefits

Listed below are some of the benefits of the Invoice Tracking Center and project justification for deploying such a solution:

  • Management has immediate access to all liabilities once scanned
  • No “Black Holes”, know the status of each and every Invoice as soon as the mail is opened
  • Ability to Manage and Measure the Invoice Process – Discover and Isolate bottlenecks
  • Identify Problem Vendors – Invoices always missing a PO, No requester info
  • Non-PO based Invoice Approval and Coding Workflow
  • Compliance – using a chart of Payment Authority to limit approvals
  • Collaborate with other departments through “ITC Notes” attached
  • Reporting and Tracking history of all Invoices “Who did What, When”
  • Mass Printing and Downloading of selected Images
  • Portal, OB10 and EDI integration