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PBS ContentLink

PBS ContentLink

PBS ContentLink (PCL) is a cost effective, feature rich, simple and transparent interface from SAP to any Certified Storage system.  It is a inexpensive alternative to the legacy third-party content management solutions such as OpenText, Onbase, or FileNet.  PBS ContentLink stores archive data and documents in their original formats directly in the storage system in an unchangeable format.   In addition to supporting the classical SAP ArchiveLink Interface PBS ContentLink also supports the SAP specific WebDAV 3.0 protocol that allows the storage of data along with its corresponding metadata, such as retention periods.  When the WebDAV protocol is used with SAP Retention Manager and SAP Retention Warehouse you now have a ILM-aware solution.  

PBS ContentLink Installation is quick and easy, performed via external Transports.  Administration is simple since it done from within SAP, there is no PBS user interface for administration and the solution does not require a separate External Database like all other third-party legacy systems.  These features in addition to it’s web-based architecture makes the solution highly scalable, and almost maintenance free.   

PBS Content Link Diagram
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PBS Content Link give companies the flexibility to store content on almost any back end storage system including cloud providers such as Google, AWS and Microsoft.   It supports both SAP ArchiveLink and SAP WebDAV 3.0 protocol.  The later allowing companies to deploy a ILM-aware solution using SAP Retention Manager.  This solution will remove the limits of traditional archiveLink solutions.  If you not ready for ILM now but you think you might be in the future, this is the solution for you.    

John Walls

President and CEO, Verbella CMG, LLC

 PBS ContentLink  – Benefits

Customers that deploy a PBS Content Link solution, see the following major benefits

  • Streamline / Lean Solution – Low administration effort, no Database, no backups.
  • Reliable – high availability and replication available.
  • Fast – short access response time, flexible caching
  • Scalable – No saturation effects for large data processing
  • Economical – Low costs for implementation and maintenance


Why PBS ContentLink?

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) –

  • No Database licensing or administration costs
  • Administration from within SAP

Excellent Performance –

  • Very High Throughput with low cost server hardware
  • flexible Caching option for ADK files

High Stability

  • Consistent reliable operation – even during times of high load
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PBS Cost Savings

Here are the potential cost savings which are based on an actual  Customer Case Study

PBS Supported Storage Systems

The following storage systems are supported by PBS ContentLink.  Some limitations and installation notes can be found in the PCL PBS ContentLink administer guide or from your local Verballa Account Executive.