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Extended Support for Kofax

Kofax Extended Support Offerings by Verbella

Each of our Extended Support plans is designed to help ensure that your Kofax systems are performing at their most efficient levels. While Kofax provides second and third level support for software bugs, many of the most common problems are not due to the software itself, but self-inflicted by other internal admins to the network and operating systems.  In some cases, the IT departments just don’t have the bandwidth to monitor, administer or re-install Kofax Software when new laptops are purchased.  Others would like us to do annual upgrades and apply Service and Fix Packs.

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Kofax Extended Support

Kofax Extended Support -Basic Support

Basic Support is for those customers that have invested in training and have a full time dedicated Kofax Administrator. The administrator is capable of applying software patches to the system.


Platinum Support

This package is ideal for customers that do not have a full time Kofax Administrator and need to work with support via the phone. The customer will generally require Verbella’s assistance for installations on new computers and Kofax upgrades.


Kofax Extended Support

Diamond Support

This package is ideal for customers that are using KC. KTM, KCIC and the Verbella Export Connector for SAP. These products require routine maintenance to ensure that they are running at peak performance. Their customers generally do not have a full time Kofax Administrator to perform these tasks.


Custom Kofax Extended Support Packages

Kofax Support packages can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.  This applies to all Kofax Applications as well as Verbella add-ons, response times and extended hours for support.