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SAP Content Server Solutions

SAP Content Server Solutions

SAP Content Server solutions provided by Verbella, include installation and configuration of the SAP Content Server.  Verbella also provides consulting services,  integrating ABBYY FlexiCapture or Kofax Capture software for the capture of inbound documents that need to be scanned. We then tailor the solution to meet your functional business needs, whether it’s a late archiving solution with or without barcode or an early archiving solution using workflow.

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SAP Content Server – You Already Own It!

Verbella CMG, LLC has been opening the eyes of SAP customers for the last 15 years to one of the greatest untapped, unrealized and certainly one of the most underutilized pieces of software all SAP customers already own – The SAP Content Server!  That’s right, and support for the Content Server has now been extended through 2027.   SAP Content Server Solutions allow customers to have a Document Management Solution that is very flexible and is tightly integrated into SAP.

The Content Server integrates with SAP via the SAP ArchiveLink Interface for Static Documents and Data or through the Knowledge Provider (K-Pro) for Dynamic Content.

Support by SAP – Included in your Maintenance

The SAP Content Server is completely supported by SAP and available to all SAP Customers – “Free of charge”. The SAP Content Server can be used to store “Office Attachments” instead of storing them in their default location – the SAP Database. It can also be used to store outgoing documents, PrintList, DaRT Files, and ADK files without any additional third party software. However, with the use of Kofax Capture Software, the SAP Content Server can store Scanned documents or “Incoming” documents. The SAP GUI will display all the documents archived.

The SAP Content Server along with Kofax Capture is as reliable and as robust as any expensive main-stream third party imaging and archiving solution.