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Kofax Capture Add-on

Kofax Capture Add-on Products by Verbella

Kofax Capture Add-on products were created by Verbella to extend the functionality of Kofax Capture. These Add-on products are licensed and supported by Verbella and were developed to meet the needs of our customers and their integration requirements.

Kofax Add-on Products include the following;

  • Verbella Export Connector – SAP
  • Verbella Export Connector – VIM
  • Verbella Import Connector
  • Verbella Email Import
  • Verbella Kofax Digital Annotations
  • Verbella Kofax Print Panel

Verbella Export Connector – SAP® ERP Systems


Verbella Export Connector for SAP ERP Systems solutions was designed for customers using Kofax Capture 9 and 10. It utilizes the .NET architecture and the SAP .NET Connector version 3.0, and features better logging and error handling, has no limitations on the amount of data that can be released, and was developed and is supported by Verbella. Click Here for the Datasheet.


The Standard Export Connector for SAP from Verbella will support the following ArchiveLink Scenarios:

  • Late Archiving / Assign and Store
  • Late Archiving with Barcodes
  • Early Archiving / Storing for subsequent entry
  • DocuLink (IXOS) / Document Access by OpenText

Verbella Export Connector – VIM   (Vendor Invoice Management)

Verbella now offers an Export Connector that allows Kofax Capture to directly export into the VIM solutions from OpenText. This solution gives SAP customers using VIM solution for Accounts Payable an alternative to using OpenText ICC OCR software. The Verbella Export Connector – VIM, seamlessly connects directly with the VIM solution through RFC’s and gives customers the ability to leverage Kofax Capture superior OCR extraction and classification capabilities. Also, the customer can use Kofax across their other business units while the OpenText license is limited to AP.

Verbella Import Connector for Kofax Capture

Verbella now offers a solution that can be used to ‘Sweep” PDF and TIF documents from a set of “watch” Folders. Users can save email attachments to a “watch” directory or have faxes sent directly to this folder. The Verbella Import Connector will insert these documents automatically into Batches in Kofax for processing. The next time users see the documents will be during Validation. Version 2.1 now supports importing OPEX scanned batches by reading the OXI files. Can import batch fields and use those for batch naming.

Verbella Email Importer

This solution from Verbella offers a solution that will poll a set of E-mail folders and remove and save the E-mail attachment to a folder on the file system, ideally a folder that is being watch by the Verbella Import Connector. This solution includes logging, email alerts, error handling, and archiving of successfully processed documents.

Kofax Digital Annotations

This new solution from Verbella is an alternative to traditional imprinters / endorsers from the scanner manufactures. This solution resides completely inside of Kofax capture software and provides the user the ability to digitally imprint the scan date and time along with a sequential number. Since the solution resides on the Kofax server, digital annotations will all have unique sequential number, regardless of the number of scan stations in use.
Typical imprinters are only available on certain scanners and generally cost $1,500 per Scanner. These are OK if the actual paper document requires a physical stamp on it. Digital Annotation from Verbella have the following advantages:

  • Digital Annotations are server based, so you don’t have to pay per Scanner. Saving $1,000’s of dollars.
  • No consumables to purchase, no Ink cartridges, No running out of Cartridges Saving $100’s of dollars
  • Zero administration, No Maintenance, Easy to deploy if more scanners are purchased
  • Works on any scanner, even those that do not support traditional imprinters.
  • Preserves the original document
  • No unreadable imprinting if the document is scanned more than once
  • Because document images are printed with the annotation, there is no way images can be passed off as originals

Verbella Print Module for Kofax Capture and KTM

Verbella Now offers a custom workflow agent that will allow users to print documents out of KTM Validation and from within the Kofax Capture and Quality Control Module. This workflow agent is compatible with Capture 9 and 10 and is easy to install. The solution has currently been deployed to several customers.
Features include:

  • Ability to print documents and images from the Scan Module or QC Module
  • Ability to copy pages to reuse within other documents in the same batch
  • Email documents and pages using Microsoft Outlook