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SAP SharePoint Integration Services

SAP SharePoint Integration Services

Verbella Professional Services team is uniquely positioned to provide SAP SharePoint Integration Services with it’s V-Link Connector. Verbella’s experience with SAP ArchiveLink and with SharePoint have allowed them to do what most SharePoint integrators can’t do, Integrate SharePoint with SAP via ArchiveLink.

Verbella Professional Services team can provide the following SAP SharePoint Integration Services:

  • SharePoint Site Configuration
  • Installation of the V-Link Connector
  • Configuration of V-Link, to pass Meta data to SharePoint
  • Configuration of SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP Solution Development

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SAP SharePoint Integration

Need to make your SharePoint environment SAP ArchiveLink Enabled? Verbella can provide the resources to make your SharePoint environment a Content Repository for SAP related documents. SharePoint with the Verbella V-Link connector not only allows documents to be saved and retrieved from SharePoint but also from SAP. In addition to the storage of documents, V-Link will also will transfer meta data to SharePoint so that user does not need to have access to SAP in order to locate and display documents.

Verbella and V-Link can now make your existing SharePoint system an extension of your SAP system for all your document needs.