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SAP Document Management Solutions in Denver, CO

Verbella provides SAP Document Management Solutions for SAP users in the Denver, CO in addition to the surrounding area. Verbella specializes in SAP Document Management Solution Implementations. We primarily focus on the SAP Content Server and SharePoint, but we will work with other Document Management Systems, such as OpenText, OnBase and FileNet. By using these solutions, SAP users have instant access to SAP transaction related documents.  With this access, SAP users can streamline the business process while storing their information securely.

V-Link Connectors

Verbella has developed a number of products to enhance Document Management for SAP Customers in the Denver area. For example, the Verbella V-Link Connector for ABBYY and Kofax (integrating ABBYY and Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) with SAP). In addition, the V-Link Connector for SAP to SharePoint, enables documents and metadata to be stored on SharePoint and linked to SAP.  Our newest connector, V-Link for Ariba Open ICS allows the processing of invoices from Vendors that are not part of the Ariba network. V-Link for Desktops allows users to easily convert documents to PDF’s, allowing user to easily link them to SAP. (Demo)

SAP Add-on Solutions

Complimenting our line of V-Link connectors, over the last 15 years we have built some powerful SAP add-on solutions.  Such as, the Verbella Migration Toolset, that allows customers to easily migrate linked documents from one SAP storage system to another. Residing in our own SAP name space, the Verbella ITC (Invoice Tracking Center), allows Accounts Payable departments in the Denver area to achieve Invoice Processing Automation. For instance, the ability to auto-post PO’s, route non-PO’s for coding and approval, and Check Request processing. Click (Here) for more Info.

ABBYY, Tungsten Automation (formerly KOFAX), OCR, RPA and AI

We are a Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) and ABBYY Value-Added Reseller and System Integration Partner for the last 19 years. Above all, Verbella has sold more Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) Software to companies that use SAP than any other re-seller. Verbella can easily Automate any manually intensive process involving data and/or documents with the use of AI, resulting in productivity gains. Tungsten Transformation (formerly Kofax KTM) for OCR and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use machine learning and cognitive Document automation. Similarly for cloud solution requirements, Verbella re-sells and implements Tungsten AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online by Kofax) and ABBYY Finereader for Invoices Cloud Solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

If you are looking for a Turnkey Solution, Verbella also offers Scanner hardware and maintenance contracts.  For instance, Verbella is a reseller of Kodak Alaris and Fujitsu Scanners and provides  exceptional installation professional services.

ABBYY, Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax), OpenText, SAP Document Management Solutions in Denver, Colorado

Denver is the capital and the most populated city in Colorado. It is in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains. Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in all of the United States with a population of 727,000 residents as of 2019, a 21% increase since the 2010 census. Nicknamed the “Mile-High City” because its elevation was exactly 5,280 feet, it was founded in 1858 and named after the then Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver. In 1970 Denver was selected to hold the 1976 Winter Olympics, only to later decline hosting the event. Leading to Denver to being the only city with that unique distinction. However on the brighter side, Denver was named “the Best Place to Live in the United States” by U.S. News & World Report.

Denver is largest City within 500 miles, consequently making it ideal for storage and distribution of goods to the Mountain, Western and Southwestern States. Another distribution benefit is that Denver is located almost equidistant from other large cities like Chicago, St. Louis to the east and San Francisco and Los Angles to the west. This is very attractive to large companies, and Verbella has the ability to meet their needs providing Document Management Solutions. These custom solutions optimize your day-to-day business processes. Some of our service offerings include SAP and Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) consulting, SharePoint and SAP integration, and OpenText consulting Services. Each of our experienced consultants have been delivering these services for over 19 years.

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