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SAP Accounts Payable Automation – Phoenix, AZ

SAP Accounts Payable Automation in Phoenix, AZ is quickly accomplished with use of the Verbella Invoice Tracking Center Solution. Called the ITC for short, it resides completely within SAP . Generally speaking, it allows users in A/P departments to reduce the time and expense of processing invoices, while providing an auditable trail for each processed invoice.

Invoice Tracking Center

Verbella offers a complete A/P Solution – from procure to pay. It provides users the ability to electronically capture invoices regardless of the source. For example, the A/P department can receive them by mail (paper), electronically via email, fax, or EDI. They can even use robots to download them from vendor portals. After Capture, the invoices go through an OCR process that classifies the invoices and extracts the data. At which point the A/P processors may quickly validate the extracted data and release invoices. Finally, an SAP Certified Content Server is used for long term storage and retrieval of the document image.

Once captured and OCR’ed the meta data and a link to the image can now be found in the ITC. Once in the ITC, the documents are validated, run through a duplicate check automatically. Now the user may review the invoice again if needed or allow it to auto Post or Park. For non-PO invoices, users can manually route for coding and approval, or have the ITC do it automatically before being posted. The A/P department has the ability to re-rout or manually post any invoice, if the configuration allows.

The processing of checks can also be done in the ITC. Users who need to request checks, can use the ITC Check Request Module. Users will be able to add coding and approval routing information to the request. Employees will be able to upload back up documentation or print coversheets when submitting paper back up documentation. The Check Requester will then be able to submit the request to the ITC for final processing.

ITC Reporting

A/P departments in Phoenix can quickly identify exceptions and discover bottle necks with the ITC. All and all it gives users greater visibility into the entire invoice process. Supervisors can determine the number of times an invoice had to be re-routed for approvals. Which Vendors submit problematic PO Invoices, or duplicate invoices. It also counts how many invoices each user is processing and how long it takes.
Users can use the mass download feature, to download several invoices at once. They can use the count by feature to determine the occurrence of a field value. For example, how many invoices have been sent in via e-mail.

ITC Integration

The ITC seamlessly integrates into Kofax Capture, Kofax KTM, Kofax RPA (Robotics), ReadSoft Online and ABBYY FlexiCapture. Consequently, if you have an existing OCR or RPA Solution, and any SAP Certified Repository or SharePoint (On-Prem/Cloud), we can integrate the ITC.

To summarize, AP departments in Phoenix can now have insight and visibility into every aspect of the Invoicing process. The ability to measure the process against benchmarks, and the overall performance of the payment process. To manage the entire invoice process from Procure to Pay , with the ITC Solution. For more information
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